Choosing the right furniture for your dog

Sofas for Dalmatians

If you are looking for a sofa bean bag, there are a variety of companies in the UK that make them. The company that you choose should know how to make them with high in quality fabric so that they last a long time for your dog. You should be able to choose the fabric that you would like whether it be waterproof fabric or leather fabric. Having a waterproof fabric makes it easier to clean the hairs off and leather is more hard wearing. Sofa ones will probably be made out of upholstery furniture and be big enough to fit two sitting adult dogs on it. It should also be able to be wiped clean with a cloth. The bean bag should be packed with beans so it gives it a hard surface so they can sit on it easily and not get sucked into the bag. If you wish to sit with your dogs it should also have two arm rests on it and a back support so you can sit comfortably and watch your favorite television show on it.

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Breeding Dalmatians

If you love Dalmatians and are wanting to breed them, here is some information about the the dog. These dogs are athletic and sleek and go back many hundred years ago. Dalmatians started out as a coach dog but has also become a hunter, circus performer, and firehouse dog. They love to be with people and make a great companion dog.


The Dalmatian has a distinctive appearance. It is either liver spotted or black spotted and a white colour coat. The dog is born white and then gets his spots when he becomes more mature.

Breeding Considerations

If you are wondering if your dog is good enough to breed, the answer is most likely yes if he is over 2 years old. It is important to check to make sure that he is healthy and that the dog's BAER hearing test is normal.

Paying for Breeding

Breeding a dog is not cheap. You have to pay a stud fee. You also need a whelping box. you will need to buy extra food for the puppies until someone comes to buy them and you will also have to pay for any veterinary costs that may incur. another thing you will have to pay for is the BAER hearing test.

The Litter

You will need to have a place to put the litter. It should be a warm, dry, and airy room. You should also have a heat lamp in case the puppies get cold. Another thing to consider is if the person who buys the puppies want to give them back. You should be in a position where you can take them back if need be.

Stud Dog

You need to choose wisely on the stud dog. Make sure the dog doesn't have any health problems in its line. Also make sure the breeding lines of the stud matches your dog. You should make sure that they are compatible.

So do your homework when it comes to breeding you dog and make sure your dog is healthy enough to go through the breeding process.